ZF Lenksysteme takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. From the boardroom to the production line and beyond, the company aims to minimise the impact of its manufacturing and business activities on the environment, including trying to reduce the amount of paper it uses.

Learn how the deployment of K2 helped the company move over 400 paper forms in multiple languages, to online forms that are passed electronically to the relevant people for approval, without the delays that were commonplace in the past. Some of the company’s processes will involve up to 15 different employees, while others potentially require approvals from managers at different sites and in different countries. K2 continues to help ZF Lenksysteme overcome these kinds of complexities and accelerate business decision-making.

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“We now have standardised, automated and transparent processes for all our employees across 17 sites,” said Markus Kolbeck, IT consultant, enterprise portal and workflow at ZF Lenksysteme. “Paper forms are no longer passed from person to person via internal mail, and this saves weeks.”