Following a competitive tender process, the council selected K2 blackpearl, along with Meridio and Kofax, to develop two workflows: one for its planning and building standards application process, and another for its housing department.

The two K2 workflows deployed at South Lanarkshire Council help the organisation to complete tasks more efficiently.  In the Benefits and Revenues section, K2 played a key role in helping the council clear a large backlog of corresepondence and start processing new letters and emails within days or even hours of receipt.

Cost savings have been achieved through the reduction of paper within the organisation.  The council spokesperson said: “We have been able to reduce storage costs due to the fact that we now retain far fewer hard copy documents.”

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"Specialist healthcare workers no longer waste time going backwards and forwards, looking for the infomation they need. The K2 process collects all of the relevant patient details right from the start."