Business process management (BPM) needs can vary widely, from top-down business transformation initiatives to smart process applications to enterprise resource planning, marketing, social and more. With this breadth and depth of reach, BPM – and BPA, business process automation – are more than a couple of buzzwords, they are absolutely mission critical.

To get the most out of a BPM or BPA solution, organizations need to select platforms that are quick to deploy, agile once in service and show measurable value over time.

There are plenty of offerings on the market today, but, how do you compare them when they offer such varying capabilities?

We’ve created a resource to help you efficiently compare BPM and BPA solutions by identifying the most important considerations.

This complementary template focuses on the eight key areas for business process automation success to help you evaluate the quality of the platforms you are considering – and to ensure that the system you choose is agile and flexible enough to meet your business needs.

  1. Workflow Tools and Features
  2. Forms
  3. Integration and Data Security
  4. Mobile
  5. User and Run-time Experience
  6. Reporting, Analytics and Monitoring
  7. Maintenance, Support and Help Documentation

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