AI, RPA and DPA: Combining the 3 Top Ingredients for a Successful Digital Transformation Journey


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What technology or technologies should you use to achieve Intelligent Automation across your business? Watch now to discover the recipe for a successful strategy combining DPA, RPA and AI.


Join Graham Penman, Senior Technical Consultant at K2, to explore how a successful digital transformation and intelligent automation strategy combines RPA, AI and DPA (digital process automation) with the necessary expertise and planning to support comprehensive end-to-end process automation.


Discover how combining the power of robots with human-based tasks into a strategy that can orchestrate and manage the flow of work across both, whilst dynamically and continuously improving your customer’s experience, allows for a truly sustainable digital transformation journey - regardless of how quickly the technology landscape changes.


Watch now to explore:


  • Foundations of Intelligent Automation
  • What are the Differentiators and the Overlap Between the Technologies
  • Practical Guide to a Winning Strategy



Graham Penman is a Senior Technical Specialist at K2. Over the past 8 years Graham has worked with some of the world’s largest Banks, Insurance providers and Legal firms on their digital transformation programmes providing expertise in systems integration, process automation and technology implementation.

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