Are low-code platforms the answer to making companies more agile and flexible in a business world that is constantly evolving and changing? A recent Forrester report, “New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications,” discusses how many companies are choosing low-code platforms over traditional hand-coded development platforms due to the speed with which low-code applications can be assembled, deployed and tested. With customer-facing applications at the top of IT priority lists, traditional programming platforms simply cannot keep up with the “short schedules and rapid change cycles” such applications require.


K2 provides a platform that addresses these very needs with visual design tools to assemble forms and workflows, integrate data from systems of record, and rapidly transform these assets into both customer-facing and back-office applications.

Download this K2 White Paper in response to the Forrester report to find out how our workflow capabilities ensures that applications incorporate the rigtht information into a rich customer user experience. This will allow the customers to:

  •     Make sure their actions drive an appropriate outcome
  •     Involve the right people in the organisation
  •     Measure continuous improvement and customer service

Whether internal or customer-facing, our platform provides a way to rapidly build applications to support processes accross industries, departments and organisations.


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