An organisation’s business process management (BPM) needs can vary widely, from top-down business transformation initiatives to a need for smart process applications that incorporate information from disparate systems, including line-of-business, enterprise resource planning and social. BPM needs can also include a way to rapidly build custom apps that can be IT led or driven by business owners to solve specific process-based needs.

BPM suites add value but are often monolithic systems that take a high level of knowledge and training to implement and use, causing upfront disruption that can adversely affect the business. This also makes these systems slow to make an impact and difficult to use for one-off needs – creating challenges for companies that need quick results.

Organisations need agile platforms that are faster to market and provide deeper value. To this end, business process application suites provide flexible solutions that support your full range of BPM needs, including top-down initiatives, smart process applications, and the need for rapid app development platforms that can be used by IT and business users alike. Business process application suites:

  • Minimise hand coding with visual tools that can be utilised by business users and developers alike
  • Speed up development and delivery cycles by condensing requirements
  • Design, development and deployment into a single platform
  • Integrate with line-of-business systems across your enterprise
  • Cause minimal disruption, while providing immediate value
  • Standardize the way business apps are built across the enterprise

Download this white paper to learn how K2, a comprehensive business process application suite, gives you a better BPM through each step of the BPM lifecycle.


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