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Q&A session with CMIS on how to efficiently manage Invoice Approvals

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Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. GMT

Duration: 1 Hour

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We are joined by K2 customer, Eric Bos, who explains life before automating invoice processing with K2 workflow and forms. Eric addresses their real life business problem in this Q&A session and explains why he chose K2 to solve and automate the Credit Management and Investor Solutions (CMIS) Group’s processes.

This webinar will demonstrate how invoice processing automation is an area where you can achieve quick wins while at the same time leverage existing Microsoft technologies.

If your invoice approval process is largely email-based or even reliant on internal mail delivery using approval cover sheets, then ask yourself the following questions to see if this is a priority area to target in terms of automation:

  • Are you able to report on the stage and statuses of all you Invoices in the approval cycle?
  • Are all invoices stored in a single secure platform such as SharePoint with document and record management capabilities?
  • Are you looking to drive the value and use of SharePoint as well as the benefits of collaboration and invoice approval processes in your business?

Join us for this interactive Q&A session with CMIS and see first-hand what an Invoice Approval process can look and feel like using K2, and understand why K2 for Invoice Approval drives efficiency.



 Eric Bos
 Director Software Engineering at Credit Management and Investor Solutions (CMIS)

Eric enjoys leading the IT operations, and has a strong focus on process improvement and simplification. He has over 14 years professional experience in various parts of IT and software development and has international working experience in various countries e.g. China, Mexico, Russia, Poland. Eric enjoys leading people to success, coaching, knowledge transfer and takes pride in being a team motivator. He aims to meet customer needs through focus and quality of service provided at CMIS.

 Nicholas Kotze
 Customer Success Manager at K2

Nic works with K2 customers based in the United Kingdom and Europe to ensure successful project outcomes and pervasive adoption with K2. He works with all departments of the K2 business including support, finance and professional services. Nic moved into this role in 2011 because of his technical background and excellent customer facing skills. People who want to achieve great outcomes with K2 is what motivates him the most in his role.