With the NHS tasked to "GO PAPERLESS BY 2018", there are only three years left to make this digital transition. There are still hundreds of organisations within the NHS which are still yet to transition over to a more digital way of working. 


Guys and St Thomas have revolutionised the way they work by implementing a successful e-noting system, removing the need for layers of paperwork. E-noting keeps everything electronic in line with the deadline to "GO PAPERLESS BY 2018" in the NHS using SharePoint and K2 smartforms to consolidate 800 paper forms into ~300 e-forms.


The hospital addressed successfully:

• The ability to access patient data instantly from anywhere at any time, without having to search through thousands of patient records

• Integration of multiple systems accessing patient data directly through a dynamic and secure system

• faster, more efficient diagnosis and referrals and huge improvement in overall patient care.


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