K2 | Vendor Management Solution


Empower your team with workflow, Vendor Management System is designed for effective communication between company and vendor with a diversity of product, service and characteristic of vendors. The system can be configured to support processes and document forms complied with policy and good corporate governance. The system features Registration Process, Pre-Qualification, Claim & Complaint, Hold & Blacklist, Post Evaluation. Vendor Management System is a module in the Procurement series of CrossingSoft which will help streamline purchasing process from Sourcing process, transaction process, and vendor management process.



Business Benefit

  • Improve requisition process and get through purchase requisition approvals faster
  • Centralize vendor information, products and service
  • Configured to support processes and document forms
  • Support post-evaluation process, manually and automatically after product and service delivered
  • Transparent working and monitoring process for good corporate governance


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