K2 Hackathon

Bringing AI, Robotics and Your Integration Points into K2

Wednesday, 22nd May | 9:30AM to 5:30PM | SocietyM, Tower of London



Join us for this complimentray customer hackathon and unleash the combined power of K2, Robotics and AI.


Wednesday, 22nd May | 9:30AM to 5:30PM | SocietyM, Tower of London


If you are an enterprise architect, developer, enterprise architect or business analyst in the financial services / insurance industry, please join us for a full day hackathon to investigate the innovative features and functions in K2 available to you. In this hackathon you will work with K2 experts to build an intelligent automation app based on a common use case. Our experts will help you build it out in K2 and plug AI / RPA in and around the app to extend the automation capabilities.


Moving from manual to automated to intelligently automated

  • Your applications will be mobile ready
  • Provide analytics on the business process
  • Integrate with next gen AI
  • Cut our manual work allocation, keying of data / email / excel driven communications
  • Provide audit trails for compliance purposes



  • Introduction to intelligent automation
  • Overview of the tools being used for the day
  • Dividing into teams
  • Building your app
    • Identify business process
    • Map out process
    • Build forms
    • Integrated with Azure AI
    • Add UiPath for RPA
  • Presentation and Awards
    • Let’s see what you created. Demonstrations of results from the hackathon
    • Award: A trophy will be presented to the best solution created and presented on the day
    • Join us for sponsored drinks and networking


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