SharePoint 2013 and the rise of the cloud

In its latest research, the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), reports that SharePoint 2013 brings new capabilities along with new challenges, making for an uncertain future.

With the integration of third party apps and introduction of SharePoint Online, increasing SharePoint adoption across the enterprise has become a challenge as organizations make tradeoffs between implementing complex new functionality and driving usage.

This report contains deep analysis of SharePoint 2013 adoption rates and roll-out status as an enterprise content management/document management system, the ongoing issues of user adoption and overall project success (or lack of success) rates. It measures the adoption of SharePoint 2013 and the difficulties that users report with their upgrades and migrations. Additionally, it studies the impact of new 2013 features, particularly third party add-on products that have previously been used to fill in gaps in security, governance, search and social capability.

The report also looks at the take up of the Office 365 product family, and the issues that cloud presents for SharePoint users. Finally, the report measures spending plans for licenses, services and add-on products.

For easy viewing, we have created a short infographic snapshot of the AIIM research entitled, “What’s in Store for SharePoint 2013?” Please enjoy this infographic as well as the full AIIM report, “SharePoint 2013: Clouding the Issues,” with our compliments.

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