Leading health insurance provider transforms underwriting process cutting process time by 50%, provides full visibility and reduces the risk of error.


In an effort to drive efficiency and visibility, Imerica, a health insurance provider based in Denver, Colarado created "The Imerica Medical Underwriting System" (IMUS), deteremining eligibility for health insurance clients. Web based systems with multiple manual steps and errors and huge lack of visibility across the organisation needed a complete transformation.


Download our case study now to discover how Imerica:

  • Reduced process time by 50%
  • Built a collaborative internal system transforming the underwritng process from a 3rd party order processing system to an internal, central system
  • Streamlined underwriting processes with tracking and reporting capabilities using K2 blackpearl in less than 3 months from start to finish


"As an insurance company, we are so process-driven. There are so many things we could do with K2 blackpearl. IMUS is just the start" - Scott Daub, Lead Software Developer, Imerica.


Learn how you can also standardise proceses within your organisation, which will streamline your processes for faster decision making without compromising quality.

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