Challenge: There were a number of challenges faced by Alutiiq due to their old-fashioned approach of scanning or of printing, signing, scanning, emailing, etc. Documents were getting lost in the process, signatures were blurred and they were generating a stockpile of paper that needs to be filed and saved someplace.

Solution: One application created was the certificate of insurance authorization form, so that any of our program managers, about 70 or so people, can put in a request to get information and it runs to the SVP of Risk Management, who can approve or deny and then provide back a document to the Program Managers. They also developed a PTO request form, just for the employees in the information technology department. It's a very basic form. The employee goes to a page and it has the form on one side and the calendar for the department on the other. Users can input their days off and Appit routes the request to the supervisor without manual effort.

Results: Alutiiq saw the writing on the wall with InfoPath, and chose K2 to improve their forms applications over what’s available in SharePoint Designer. Also, because Alutiiq is a primarily remote workforce, the use of mobile applications have been a core part of their Appit processes.

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