Build modern business applications, big or small, involving many of the fundamental components including access to data, standardised business logic that aligns with the way an organisation executes, and the ability to give users the experience they need on the devices they use.

In this 45 minute session, we will walk through the steps involved in building an application using eForms from beginning to end. This will be a demo session only—no slides—and questions are encouraged. In this session, you will see how to:

  • Build SmartForms that draw information from multiple systems and easily implement standard electronic form features such as validation, cascading dropdowns, and many more
  • Integrate your SmartForms and SmartObjects with workflows to create a business process applications
  • Deliver forms integrated with SharePoint or that run as standalone applications
  • Incorporate your on-premises and cloud information into a single application

The requirement for forms that are customisable, that scale across the enterprise and provide easy systems integration and in-depth reporting are on the increase.

For those who already are familiar with K2 -  we will be highlighting some of the new features released this month in K2 smartforms, so register today to find out how you can make a success of your forms!



Andrew Murphy
Head of Technical Capability, K2

Our expert for this session, Andrew, works closely with both customers and partners to produce innovative process-based solutions. He has several years of relevant field experience in the design and development of mainstream software. Andrew has a background in K2 consulting and advising on the implementation of medium to large-scale solutions across market sectors.


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