With the NHS tasked to "GO PAPERLESS BY 2018", there are only three years left to make this digital transition. There are still hundreds of organisations within the NHS which are still yet to transition over to a more digital way of working. 


Sanofi Aventis & Astrium Services have succesfully transformed their finance procedures around expense claims and purchase orders, also including capital expenditure signoff. 


Astrium faced issues with rebilling and credits, finding the process too time consuming with a large number of employees involved in a number of different countries. Coordinating and tracking activities centrally was hugely inefficient, with information circulated by email, followed up by phone, and monitored through a huge colllection of spreadsheets.


Astrium addressed successfully:

  • The building of a fully automated business application for reissuing invoices 
  • Rebills authorised in less than 1 day
  • Lower opportunity for human error and stronger tracability
  • Replicable framework to use across the business.


Benefits experienced by Sanofi Aventis now include:

  • Stronger compliance
  • Flexibility and functionality to create and adapt workflows quickly
  • Secure mobile access to workflows.


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