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Do your line-of-business (LOB) systems and Microsoft SharePoint play well together? Will they work as a team when you need to access data across multiple systems? Not all systems collaborate well with SharePoint.

Creating business apps that pull data from multiple systems can be a real headache involving code, maintenance and security concerns. As a result, the data you need to make important decisions is often isolated in disparate systems, and can be difficult to access. It’s no wonder, then that only 47 percent of SharePoint users have connected SharePoint with other systems.

To overcome these challenges, nearly half of SharePoint users are turning to third-party SharePoint solutions to help with enterprise integration of systems and data. K2 Appit for SharePoint is a third-party solution that makes it easy to build applications, workflows and forms that span multiple systems— without having to write code. You can get crucial information into the hands of decision makers when they need it.

Appit helps your systems play well with SharePoint. Join our webinar to learn how Appit supports:

  • Flexible and user friendly integration options
  • Reusable components for building applications that don’t require code
  • Secure connection points that help protect sensitive data

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