After two developers spent a year and a half trying to build a solution for its formula-life-cycle-management process, the approval process for making ingredience changes to pet products, Del Monte Foods turned to K2. After just two weeks, K2 built a solution that allows comments to be easily logged for full visibility.

Building on this success, Del Monte Foods also turned to K2 to streamline its paper-based capital-request process, which was disjointed and labor intensive. With the K2-based solution, users can now accept or reject standardized request forms by simply clicking on an embedded link in an e-mail message instead of manually shipping documents between North and South America.

The solution, which integrates with its existing Microsoft software, used to tie up finance operations at Del Monte Foods for up to 12 days. The process now takes just hours, saving the company time, money and productivity.

"These are my trusty partners when I have trouble," said Jonathan Wynn, manager of advanced technology and collaborative services. "I call [K2] and they help me solve business problems."


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