How do you effectively extract and manage 3 TB of data across 436,000 SharePoint sites and 12 million files in five different regions? 

This is the issue that PPG, a global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty materials, was looking to solve. Drowning in a sea of content, the company was looking for a solution to extract and deliver line-of-business information to the right people, at the right time.


K2 was originally purchased for a very large project that was replacing an electronic document management system for PPG’s commodity chemicals business, which was separated from the company in 2013. After training and a small pilot project in 2012, the Corporate IT team underwent K2 training to understand the full value of the platform. This process was repeated in 2013 to refresh those familiar with K2 blackpearl, incorporate K2 smartforms into the sessions, and training up new employees in the department to be able to work on the platform.

While Finance was one of the early adopters, there are many other departments where K2 is being used. The team has had so many application requests and projects that implementations have been deep pushed into 2015, due to resource availabilities. And they’re keeping K2 – and SharePoint – as their core strategy in the coming years.


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