Transformation of Services

The Route to Paperless Operations

Transformation of Services: The Route to Paperless Operations Survey

‘Transformation of Services: The Route to Paperless Operations’ is a comprehensive survey of practice, progress and views on the public sector’s journey to digitalisation. It was carried out between August and September 2017. With the digital landscape in government rapidly evolving, we felt it was an opportune time to discover the level of progress reached within two years.


- Allow respondents to benchmark their organisation against overall UK public sector progress
- Determine which sectors are most actively embracing transformation
- Achieve a snapshot of views on the current level of digitalisation and the scope for improvement
- Examine the obstacles to further progress
- Ascertain the urgency at which public sector organisations are adapting digital processes for public service delivery

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This survey was built in partnership with GovNewsDirect. GovNewsDirect specialise in facilitating innovative and engaging partnerships between the private and public sector.

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