HOW TO AVOID TOP 10 SUPPLY CHAIN DISASTERS | Improve your Supply Chain with your Existing IT Investments


Around 20 percent of executives say supply chain failures are the biggest threat to their business. Poor planning and inaccurate data are the biggest causes for concern, but your supply chain also has to be able to withstand a bolt out of the blue. The painless way to avoid the top 10 supply chain disasters is to learn from other people's mistakes rather than your own.

In Top 10 Supply Chain Disasters and How to Avoid Them, K2 outlines the takeaways from recent, high-profile setbacks, including why:

  • Supply chains need to be automated
  • Supply and demand predictions need to be based on accurate data
  • Agility and sophistication are key


There’s no need for a rip and replace approach 

Wondering how to improve operational efficiency and introduce new workflow software without going over budget?

You can streamline operations across your entire business with automated workflows and forms that work with your existing systems. Instead of updating your complex, outdated systems with a pricey infrastructure overhaul, K2's low-code business process app solutions can help you:

  • Automate redundant, manual tasks
  • Speed up approval cycles
  • Easily capture audit trails
  • Monitor and manage operations to avoid bottlenecks
  • Win more business

Take the time to read the white paper now and learn how your existing IT investments can safeguard your supply chain and keep you out of the hot seat.



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