On-Demand Webinar

How to Use Workflows and Forms to Make SharePoint Hum with K2

Do you often feel that your current SharePoint is rife with inefficiencies that are bogging down your business?

What if you were empowered with the ability to easily create custom business applications leveraging forms, workflows, data and reports to automate your business processes, allocate work, and make better decisions?

Check out this AAJ Technologies and K2 on-demand demonstration of K2’s visual, intuitive tools that will help you create applications that boost SharePoint’s efficiencies, enabling greater collaboration and reusability.

During this on-demand webinar we will demonstrate:

  • Drag and drop workflow design on lists and libraries
  • Browser based forms design leveraging data from SharePoint and line of business systems
  • Support for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online or both in the same solution