ON DEMAND WEBINAR | How to successfully deploy & manage business apps - Triple shot

Building your workflow apps is only the first step in your application journey. Sometimes the hard part is when you come to deploy your applications across environments and then managing them when they are live. Traditionally this is the forgotten part of the workflow application lifecycle and people are left writing a lot of custom code to deploy applications and looking through log files for matching guid’s to troubleshoot errors.


If you are, your workflow applications span multiple system for example SharePoint and SAP problems can be even further exacerbated.


Join us as we take an in-depth look at how to deploy:


  • Managed Package and Deployment Tooling
  • Centralised error reporting
  • Extensive and extendable logging framework
  • Automatic extendable exception handling
  • Retry and Repair capabilities
  • Live instance management capabilities to manage your inflight workflows




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Andrew Murphy - Head of Technical Capability, K2