Norwegian bank improves efficiency and reduces costs by implementing 50 front and back-office banking processes.


Financial services is a challenging business right now. New and increasing competition in the industry demands efficiency in ways unimagined before the financial crisis. Yet new opportunities await for firms that can better harness IT to streamline and modernize their operations.

Sparebanken Vest faced similar challenges with their high volume processes which involved delivering services directly to their customers. Disparity in these processes across branches led to unnecessary operational inefficiencies, confusion and increased costs. Furthermore the inefficiencies in operational activity reduced the customer service from front office staff involved in administrative activities.

Download our case study now to discover how Sparebanken Vest:

  • Successfully implemented over 50 front and back-office banking processes;
  • Improved customer service with faster, and more robust processes;
  • Standardized procedures across 54 branches and offices.

"The business now has more focus on the customer," observed the team leader. "Everyone focuses on the customer, and the customer gets what he wants in the time that was promised." said Bjarte Maroy, a team leader at Sparebanken Vest.

Learn how you can also standardize proceses within your organization, which will free up time so that you can focus on providing the best customer-on boarding experience.

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