Enable Transformation with Digital and Robotic Process Automation



Manual processes, legacy systems, inaccessible data silos and scarce IT resources are some of the key challenges faced when you are looking to digitally transform your business. The good news is that technology is evolving at a pace that can help overcome these challenges and drive business efficiencies and better customer service. Two of the key emerging technologies spearheading this evolution are Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


However, it can be difficult to see past the hype to understand what these technologies are and where and how to apply them. Seeing is truly believing.  


Watch this on-demand webinar with leading DPA and RPA vendors, K2 and UiPath, for an insightful discussion on the benefits of both technologies and see real-life scenarios of DPA and RPA working independently and together across a series of solutions to provide digitization and automation.  


Walk away with a better understanding of:

  • When and where to apply DPA and RPA – why it’s not an either/or decision
  • The practical application and benefits of DPA, RPA and joint solutions
  • How K2 and UiPath, as vendors, give organizations the ability to deliver these solutions


Whether you’re a K2 customer, a UiPath customer, or just exploring how automation technologies can transform your internal processes, this on-demand webinar is a great place to learn more about DPA and RPA!




Keith Johnson helps businesses utilize emerging technologies in the ECM and BPM space. As a Director of Intelligent Process Automation with K2, he works with customers to identify what technologies they need for intelligent automation. Keith specializes in cloud-based workflow engines, advanced mobile apps and process-oriented data analytics, and works with leading technology partners to leverage blockchain, artificial intelligence and natural language speech processing.

Dave Marcus is VP of Product Strategic Technology Alliances at UiPath, the global leader in enterprise RPA. He also leads product strategy for UiPath’s investment in Digital Process Automation. His team owns product alliances with key BPM vendors globally. Dave spent 15 years with Microsoft in a range of technology and business roles and 10 years in the BPM/low code process platform industry before joining Uipath in may 2018. Dave has a deep understanding of both the RPA and BPM space and how customers can and do use them in a complimentary way . Dave originally comes from South Africa and has been residing in Seattle in the US with his family since 2001.

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