JULY 15, 2015  @ 3 PM B.S.T


Paper-based systems are eating into your company’s profits. Siloed information involving critical data that is stored in disparate systems causes extra complexity and increased chance of errors. Furthermore, increased costs through lack of automation, time spent chasing data, paper records much more liable to loss, misfiling, and potential breaches of compliance are all threats to the performance of your organisation. Plus, using the wrong software, such as spreadsheets, limits the usefulness and accessibility of the company’s data

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to combine industrial strength BPM and document automation technologies?  You don’t have to wonder anymore!

K2 and HotDocs are delighted to announce a technology partnership that combines K2’s leading BPM software with HotDocs’ industry leading document automation technology.

To showcase this exciting integration, we would like to invite you to attend a joint webinar on Wednesday 15th July hosted by HotDocs & K2, which will demonstrate how you can use the HotDocs Service Broker for K2 within any K2 workflow to automate the production of either complex or simple documentation as part of the process.


  • Introduction of HotDocs & K2
  • Value proposition of combined HotDocs & K2 Technology
  • Live Demo by HotDocs building documents witihin K2 employee onboarding
  • Live Poll
  • Q&A Session

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how your organisation can integrate K2 with HotDocs and benefit from sophisticated document automation as part of a wider workflow.



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