JKM Industrial Supplies provides the manufacturing, building, electrical and plumbing industries with all the necessary nuts and bolts to get the job done.

JKM struggled with the costly retention of stock caused by a disparity between available stock and spreadsheet data. Alternately, large orders could often not be filled because of insufficient stock, causing lost sales. Therefore, JKM needed enhanced order fulfilment and an online order process.

In recent years, JKM has come to rely on Synergy Group, an IT and business solutions provider, to enhance its business processes. Synergy stepped in and used K2 to build a business application that manages the stock fulfilment process.

This workflow process checks that stock quantities are sufficient to fill orders. If not, a task is assigned for a manual stock check to compare system quantities and actual quantities. Should there be insufficient stock to complete an order, an automated notification is sent to the purchasing department with a recommendation for stock quantities based on sales patterns and stock movements over a specific period.

“K2 has changed the way we do business. We continue to develop new workflows in order to further streamline processes, as well as manage resources, stock and systems,” said Gorrie. “K2 is a valuable business tool, and with a wealth of knowledge in providing workflow solutions for all business needs, Synergy Group is a valuable business partner.” Download this case study for details into how JKM approached this project.

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