Drive strategic performance through process excellence

Do you have a clear blueprint for process excellence?It’s well known that aligning strategy with business processes helps with both the top and bottom line. In spite of this, even smart and well-intentioned process leaders can struggle with successful execution. According to a recent Process Excellence Network (PEX) survey:

  • Process leaders have, for the past two years, cited linking process improvement with top-level business strategy as their main process excellence challenge.
  • Nearly 50% of companies surveyed list process excellence as a top priority, yet a significant proportion of those reporting find it difficult to commit the necessary resources to pursue process improvement.
  • Process excellence is defined differently from company to company and not always understood as critical to the bottom line.

Why does aligning process improvement with business strategy top the list of challenges? The gap between a clear strategy and successful execution is addressed in Shift Business Excellence Into High Gear: Drive Strategic Performance Through Process Excellence, an in-depth report that details the five critical areas successful process leaders address in their pursuit of better quality, efficiency, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.

In this insightful report, the path to a business-aligned strategy for achieving process excellence is disclosed, along with insights to achieve top performance. Download the report now to discover the five steps to process excellence.

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