For organisations to reap the full benefits of BPM, they must recognise that not every BPM project is the same. Some projects will be top-down, organisation-wide initiatives with a focus on upfront process mapping, while other projects will need to be more agile with a focus on the time to impact the business and incremental value.

Across this spectrum, there is a need to

  • support the full BPM life cycle,
  • take advantage of “best-of-breed” tooling and platforms, and
  • deliver business process applications into the hands of those who can truly impact the business.

K2’s strength lies in the rapid creation and delivery of business process applications on the Microsoft stack. With the flexibility to support your process improvement methodology of choice, or deliver business applications driven by other organisational initiatives that are looking to benefit from BPM, K2 provides an enterprise BPM platform with the tooling and capabilities to support the full BPM life cycle.

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