Business applications depend on real-time data from various LOB systems within the organisation. From this, customers are able to access the information and actions required through to their choice of device. K2 enables business applications to be built which integrate these LOB systems, making it fast and easy to extract key information into reuseable assets. These can then be tied to workflows and accessed from your chosen device. 


Download our whitepaper now and discover:

  • How K2's platform with visual design tools can simply assemble forms and workflows
  • How K2 can transform disparate LOB systems into meaningful data and reports, accessible through multiple devices
  • How K2 merges various components into one platform but also provides reusable assets that can bre used across multiple solutions and interations, speeding up the delivery process for the next application
  • How to fix unsuccessful solutions in rapid time using previous assets, greatly shortening development cycles with faster incremental value.



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(Published Aug 2015)

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