“Explosive developments in technology, material science, advanced  manufacturing and synergistic operating models are clearly beginning to  redefine ‘the art of the possible’ and are changing the way manufacturing  companies compete and succeed.” Jeff Dobbs, Global Sector Chair of Industrial Manufacturing at KPMG.


The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) Foundation predicted sector-wide growth of  4 percent in 2015 for manufacturing. Additionally, manufacturers are turning to technology to help them work more efficiently and to take advantage of emerging opportunities for profit. 


Access our whitepaper now to understand the impact of technology in manufacturing and how not keeping up with this rapid movement of changing technology within the industry could leave you behind.




INFOGRAPHIC: Manufacturing success with agile processes and apps






WHITEPAPER: Manufacturing: Modernisation is no longer an option






CASE STUDY: Kimberly Clark







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