On-Demand Webinar

K2 SharePoint Governance

In today’s economy, Microsoft SharePoint has become the platform of choice for collaboration and information sharing for organizations around the world. 75 percent of organizations are required to govern multiple systems of record.

As information increases, effective governance across business applications has become critical to mitigating risk and controlling cost. Therefore, it’s important to deliver adaptable solutions to quickly enforce your governance policies, independently of line-of-business systems.

Process-driven information governance is used to reduce IT, governance, and records management costs by up to 40 percent.

In this webinar, you will learn how automated processes can be built to:

  • Archive content automatically or interactively.
  • Accelerate and manage the rollout of SharePoint sites.
  • Deploy sites with built-in compliance.
  • Extend record-management policies to SharePoint.
  • Simplify management of archived content.
  • Archive documents, sites, lists, and other complex data types.
  • Reduce system administration overhead.
  • Meet worldwide certifications and standards.