Low-code platforms have become an important strategy to speed delivery of software to win, serve and retain customers. Many application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals adopt low-code platforms by starting off small and then growing, but can these architectures scale in the way companies need them too?

Some of them do, but this is not a given. A recent Forrester report, “Low-Code Platforms Deliver Customer-Facing Apps Fast, But Will They Scale Up?,” says that the key features to look for are:
  • Product architectures designed to support high scale
  • Features to coordinate the efforts of multiple development teams
  • Fully expressive tools
  • Support for governing large portfolios of applications
  • Flexible pricing models
Download the full Forrester report at no cost, along with a K2 response that provides in-depth information on how K2’s low-code platform addresses each of these features to rapidly deliver solutions that will scale up across larger portfolios.

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