Are you concerned about the security of your Microsoft SharePoint apps and data as you move to the cloud?

Sixty-two percent of your colleagues are.Take Casey, for example.2 He is an IT manager at a mid-size healthcare organization. His team is working toward a cloud-based SharePoint infrastructure; but because his systems contain sensitive information, he’s especially concerned about security in the cloud.

No matter what kind of information you handle, you need it to be safe while you take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. But what about keeping your information secure in the cloud concerns you?

When thinking about the cloud, IT pros usually group their concerns into three areas:

  • Identity and access: how do you control who has access to what?
  • Data protection and privacy: is your sensitive information secure?
  • Compliance and governance: can you stay compliant in the cloud?

You can download our free security guide right now to help you think about those issues. The guide looks through Casey’s eyes as he plans his organization’s move to using SharePoint in the cloud. You’ll find practical guidance and best practices that can help you map out your move to a cloud-based infrastructure.

For example, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Build applications that take advantage of existing security infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory and SharePoint groups
  • Incorporate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and other industry-standard encryption mechanisms
  • Make better use of the audit capabilities of SharePoint

Take a look by downloading the recent "Security confidence in the cloud" guide here!






[1] SharePoint users cite security as their biggest concern when considering a cloud or hybrid solution for SharePoint. Source: Survey. AIIM. “Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint — and important strategy choices.” 2015. http://www.aiim.org/Research-and-Publications.

2 Casey is a fictitious composite persona.

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