Live Webinar
Building Business Apps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a great customer relationship management platform. However, Dynamics CRM customers often want to deliver solutions that incorporate the best elements of Dynamics CRM but also involve business users, information, and services that reside elsewhere in the organization. They need business processes that span Dynamics CRM and other LOB systems, involve the right users at the right times, and draw together information from multiple sources into a single user experience. And they want to be able to create these applications without writing code.

Combining K2 and Dynamics CRM gives you the opportunity to deliver solutions that span the enterprise. The K2 platform delivers business applications that incorporate forms, workflows, and data. It compliments Dynamics CRM by providing enterprise workflow capabilities and enterprise forms that can incorporate disparate LOB information and easily integrate it into the Dynamics CRM user experience using visual design tooling. The best part?  You can do it all without writing custom code.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create enterprise workflows that span Dynamics CRM and other LOB systems to deliver business processes that cut across silos.
  • Visually design enterprise forms that aggregate LOB information from disparate systems including SQL Server, Oracle, SAP,, and SharePoint, and incorporate them into Dynamics CRM forms.
  • Get more out of Dynamics CRM by creating K2 smartforms that can help you unlock and leverage your CRM data more effectively.
  • Create CRM and XRM solutions that combine the best elements of Dynamics CRM, K2, and your other critical systems.