STACY'S TEST PAGE K2 Solution Showcase

Discover scalable enterprise solutions that will empower you to accelerate your business applications with K2.
Explore the different use cases and learn about partner solutions through the links below!

Capture and Extract Unstructured Data with K2

Classify, sort and extract data with smart document process automation.
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Document Capture and Processing with K2 workflows

Capture, scan, upload, classify, and organize content.
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Workflow Solution for SharePoint with K2

Create customized business forms and workflows for SharePoint.
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Workflow Solution for Google Drive with K2

Build powerful process applications that integrate with Google Drive.
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Partner: Google Drive

Workflow Solution for Dropbox with K2

Simplify enterprise workflow with K2 and Dropbox content.
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Partner: Dropbox

Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Solution on K2

Drive the automation of CapEx requests, approvals, workflows and reports.
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Partner: Caprivi Solutions

UiPath Robotic Process Automation with K2

Integrate robots to automate repetitive tasks in a K2 workflow.
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Partner: UiPath

Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation on K2

Use a pre-built Intelligent Accounts Payable Automation solution.
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Partner: RapidMation

Centralize and Manage Office Operations on K2

Use a central location for electronic records management.
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Partner: eVision OFFICEpoint