Driving morale in the healthcare industry when work/life balance and salaries are well documented in the media is crucial to staff productivity. Recognition and sense of being valued is key to this success. Staff involvement in ideas to improve the organisation and way of working have proven to save millions - and so could you.


One example is the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD). Their bespoke system, the GEMS Suggestion Scheme, incorporates a workflow-based application, and delivers an average of £18 million of savings a year.  The project was conducted by specialist advisory firm MWD Advisors.


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The MOD launched this cloud-based online system in 2012, and to date:

  • reduced the time it takes to process ideas and feasibility studies from an average of 3-4 years to months or weeks:
  • reduced the number of staff involved in administering the scheme from 500 volunteers to 27 formally tasked individuals
  • the new system enables the timely recognition of staff feedback and ensures that individual contributors are recognised appropriately

*MWD Advisors is a specialist advisory firm which provides practical, independent industry insights to business analytics, process improvement and digital collaboration professionals working to drive change with the help of technology.




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