Wednesday, October 7, 2015  @ 9:30 AM


Please join us at this event co-sponsored by Sakal Global, K2 and Docusign.

The demand for electronic signing of documents has been growing at a rapid pace. Electronic signatures are usually just one part of a larger process. By integrating DocuSign with K2, customers can create end-to-end business process applications that allow signing without ever leaving the process. By using K2 and DocuSign together, customers can drastically reduce the time it takes to get a signature and maintain visibility into the process, including a full audit trail on the signing steps.


Sakal GB, a partner in Nigeria has helped prove that these apps can work excellently within the peculiarities of the Nigerian business environment.


K2 removes limitations and empowers you to create any business application you can imagine — for customer on-boarding, expense claims, travel authorization, case management or any other process you use at work.


Please join us at this event co-sponsored by Sakal Global, K2 and Docusign.



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