Business Process Automation: Strategies for Success

In order to stay competitive, businesses must strive to stay agile and flexible. This is where the search for process innovation begins. Process innovation –and in turn, optimization–  keeps you from getting stuck in old routines and bogged down by outdated processes. This optimization can be found in Business Process Management (or BPM), and additionally, in workflow automation. K2 empowers your business with both.


We want to enable you with the right information and the right tools to choose the right platform and strategies for your business to develop a better BPM system. A comprehensive BPM solution needs to:

  • Minimize hand coding with visual tools that can be utilized by business users and developers alike
  • Speed up development and delivery cycles.
  • Integrate with on-premises and cloud IT systems, including file-sharing services like Box and Google Drive.
  • Cause minimal disruption, while providing immediate value.
  • Standardize the way business apps are built across the enterprise.



Introduction to the K2 Platform