September 11, 2014  | 10 AM GMT



Transforming organisations is something that CAPITA do better than anyone. And how better to transform a client organisation than through automating the manual processes they go through, and by building technology-led solutions for customers that include: electronic forms, workflows, reporting and data integration. And that is where K2 comes in.

Already over a dozen CAPITA projects and programmes have included K2 either in the bid process, or in the delivery phase, to ensure that a new customer is won, or guaranteed savings are drawn out of the assignments. And yet, K2 still remains a relatively unknown technology to many CAPITA staff.

Please join us at K2 as we share:

  • How existing CAPITA clients have benefitted from the introduction of K2
  • How any IT focussed project can benefit from the implementation of Workflow and Forms
  • A demonstration on how easy it can be to transform your bid or existing customer using our smart tools and capabilities

This short 45 minute webinar is only open to CAPITA employees and representatives and is intended to give the CAPITA and K2 existing relationship every chance to succeed together to win more business and deliver even more successful outcomes to customer.

Register today to join us and see what’s being achieved.   



September 11, 2014



*Please note, access to the webinar will be restricted to only those with a CAPITA email address, as the information within it is intended to give CAPITA projects a competitive advantage that cannot be had by any other organisation.   


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