RPA and BPA: How to Deliver Intelligent Automation in Financial Services

Digital Transformation is well underway, or is it? In a recent Forrester blog the results of a 1600 business survey show some interesting statistics which challenges this perception. 'While 56% of firms are transforming, their level of investment and scope of transformation are still mostly small. For example, only 34% of banks and insurers are even bothering to transform marketing and only 45% are transforming customer care — a too-small percentage given consumers’ of mass adoption of mobile devices.'

BPA, RPA, Analytics and AI are real enablers to digital transformation. Used strategically together as part of the overall transformation programmes will deliver real continuous benefits beyond just cost savings. Join Andrew Murphy to talk through specifically the role of BPA and RPA.

  • What is BPM and RPA
  • When to use each, the benefits and challenges
  • How to leverage Citizen developers to accelerate digital transformation
  • Explore use cases in financial services
  • The impact of AI for BPA and RPA


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Speaker - Andrew Murphy

Andrew works closely with both customers and partners to produce innovative process based solutions. He has years of relevant field experience in the design and development of mainstream software. Andrew has a background in K2 consulting and advising on the implementation of medium to large-scale solutions across market sectors.

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