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Transforming Your Approach To GDPR

Ignorance Is No Longer Bliss - Simplifying Your Approach From Awareness To Action
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been described by some as being the most significant regulatory framework to hit companies since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. With a stated objective to “give citizens back control of their personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for business”, it will impact every single European individual who has shared their personal data with an organisation, and every single organisation that holds information on any European individual. GDPR comes into act on 26th May 2018. Failure to comprehend and action the requirements within this regulation will lead to extensive penalties and fines.
Ignorance is no longer bliss, now is the time to become aware of GDPR and the actions you need to take to be ready. With Roc’s clear 5 stage process we believe all organisations will be able to continue to remain sustainable in the market, retain their loyal customers, and keep clear of any risk of fines. Working in collaboration with K2 and a prominent Data Privacy Lawyer who authored part of the legislation, Roc believe that they have a credible understanding as how to effectively manage the requirements of GDPR.

Join Nigel Kilpatrick, Director of Customer Success at Roc, as he explains how the Roc GDPR Process Accelerator forms the foundations for the Intelligent Operations Manual to guide organisations through the simplified process from awareness to action. Are you GDPR ready?

This session will cover:
  • The need to understand how to effectively manage the requirements of GDPR
  • How best to process Subject Access Requests, to ensure that they are dealt with easily in a timely manner
  • A live demonstration of Roc and K2’s enquiry to resolution workflow



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Guest Speaker - Nigel Kilpatrick, Director of Customer Success at Roc


Nigel is responsible for growing the business through Roc's client management teams and ensuring the company delivers excellent customer service. As a globally recognised thought leader on Business Transformation, Nigel is passionate about helping companies dramatically improve customer experiences through process, projects and technology improvements.

Speaker - Moises Tavira, Principal Technical Specialist at K2


With more than 10 years of experience in BPM technologies, especially in Spain, Portugal and UK markets Moises has also collaborated in other international projects in Dubai and Munich. Deep knowledge of BPM platforms like Ultimus, TIBCO iProcess, K2 Blackpearl. He has designed vertical solutions for Banking and Financial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing sectors and collaborations in projects with Microsoft Iberica.

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