Live Webinar
Extending the Reach of in Your Organization


TwitterFacebookLinkedin is one of the preeminent customer relationship management SaaS offerings on the market. With its customization options, customers have a great deal of flexibility to create customer-centric solutions. The challenge for many organizations is that information becomes isolated from the rest of the business. The information it maintains is crucial to all areas of the organization, but it isn’t readily accessible through enterprise platforms such as SharePoint or through the business apps that drive the organization.

The K2 platform delivers business applications that incorporate forms, workflows, and data, and can complement and extend your investment in Without code, you can create business applications that enable information to be used in combination with your other LOB data and incorporated into enterprise workflows and enterprise forms solutions. Use these applications to drive your data across all areas of your business.

In this webinar, you will see how to:

  • Visually design enterprise forms that leverage your information and can be delivered through SharePoint and custom web experiences.
  • Incorporate third-party LOB data into with K2 smartforms.
  • Create enterprise workflows that span, SharePoint, SAP, and other LOB systems.
  • Build apps that draw together cloud and on-premises platforms to create hybrid business applications.