Got half an hour to spare?

Join K2's TechSpresso on-demand webinar series. Broken up into digestible, informative 30-minute segments, TechSpresso snapshots how you can empower your business through forms, workflow and data, spotlighting solutions to help your organizations.


Current On-Demand webinars in these series:

Best practices for implementing mobile enabled SmartForms

This live session will show you best practices and top tips on building K2 smartforms. Including how to use the responsive theming, optimise control layout, best practices for data caching and much more.

Learn how to use REST Services with Swagger in your 
form apps

Join us as we run through an educational session on the fundamentals of RESTful services. Explore how you can use API frameworks like swagger to document and describe your RESTful services.

How to use Azure Notification Hubs in your business apps

 Join us as we run through an example of integrating .NET based applications to the Azure Notification Hub. In this session we will also run through how to leverage the notification hub in K2 workflow and form-based solutions.