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Creating a Digital, Strategic Decision-making Process on K2 with eVision

Creating a digital, strategic decision-making process on K2 with eVision


Organizational decision making and task distribution processes can become complex with the number of stakeholders and meetings involved to discuss business matters. Moreover, companies often find that their documentation and paper trails are growing, which results in lost documents and information. Businesses must find ways to make efficient and prompt decisions to reduce time and labor costs and increase productivity and efficiency across their organizations. 


Built on K2’s low-code application development platform, BOARDpoint, eVision’s solution designed to digitize and speed up decision-making processes, helps you make decisions on relevant information at lower costs. Manage your proposals, meetings, sessions, and tasks from one central location. Decide which information is visible to your stakeholders in every step of the process to adhere to security compliance measures. Monitor all activities on your tablet or computer and reduce the likelihood of human errors. 


Join the webinar to learn: 

  • How to digitize and eliminate all paper documents from your board meetings 
  • How to easily organize board meetings, keep all stakeholders informed and all documents in one place 
  • How to make meetings more efficient 
  • How to, in real time, monitor the implementation of decisions made
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