June 9, 2015  @ 15:00 PM BST / 10:00 AM EST

Business process management  (BPM) suites can add value to your organisation, but are often monolithic systems that take a high level of knowledge and training to implement and use, causing upfront disruption that can adversely affect the business. In today’s world, organisations need agile platforms that are faster to market and provide deeper value.
Join us for this webinar, as we discuss the need for rapid app development platforms and how these can be used by IT and business users.
We will discuss the:
•    Changing atmosphere of BPM today
•    Transition from automating workflows to dynamic business process apps; and
•    How you can improve ROI and business outcomes
Your BPM needs may vary widely, from top-down business transformation initiatives, to a need for smart process applications that incorporate information from disparate systems; line-of-business, enterprise resource planning and social. Attend to find out how business process application suites can provide flexible solutions that support your full range of BPM needs.
Register to attend and hear how you can adopt best practices for a better BPM through each step of the BPM lifecycle.



Andrew Murphy
Head of Technical Capability, K2

Andrew works closely with both customers and partners to produce innovative process based solutions. He has several years of relevant field experience in the design and development of mainstream software.  Through his role as Head of Technical Capability, Andrew has a background in K2 consulting and advising on the implementation of medium to large-scale solutions across market sectors.


Jonathan King
Solutions Specialist, K2

Jonathan King is a solutions specialist with a decade of experience in delivering applications in which SharePoint sits at the very heart of the solution. As the Director of Technical Pre-Sales for K2 North America, Jonathan works with customers, partners and the broader community across a range of markets to conceive innovative solutions combining K2 and SharePoint that address business challenges small and large.


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